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Piper is a fountain of encouragement and expertise. Her strong character and work ethic are contagious. Her intuitive spirit will go hand in hand with your hard work, to guide and inspire you in every step as you accomplish your goals and dreams. 


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Then I met Piper. She had everything I admired - a strong work ethic, a go-get-em' attitude, a flourishing business of her own- and perhaps most importantly, the knowledge and experience of someone I could trust to give me life advice.

What I got was so much more. Piper gave me direction. She walked me through starting my own business in small, manageable steps that weren't overwhelming. When I needed anything, from help with a business name to applying for my DBA (and explaining to me what a DBA actually WAS), Piper was there. Always available, always focused on me, always with answers. Her positive attitude and enthusiasm inspired me through every single step to becoming a successful business owner. I have her to thank for helping me realize my potential. For me, she has been so much more than a life coach. 

Ashley E.

Piper is LIFE! You can't NOT smile when you are in her presence. Spend 5 minutes with her and you are motivated, encouraged and loved. Spend a weekend with her and you are unstoppable. Piper's energy radiates and reaches beyond the heart- I am so thank for her selfless gift of friendship!


About Piper Ruiz

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Amy V.

Piper Ruiz is a game-changer. Three years ago, I was floundering between the desire to start my own business and the security of a steady paycheck and regular hours. For years I worked safe, consistent and underpaid jobs that slowly chipped away at my soul. I knew in my heart that I was wasting my time but couldn't find the focus or courage to change the course of my life.

Piper loves inspiring people to take risks, encouraging them along the way with support, laughter and joy. Get connected with Piper on Instagram! Follow @Piper.Ruiz

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In 2012, Piper founded Pink Buffalo Racing, a race management company. She produces running and walking events in Oregon, including Grapes of Half, a wine country half marathon touring three of Willamette Valley's best wineries. Among her favorite events is Hot Springs Trail Runs, an 18 mile and 5 mile trail race along the McKenzie River with views of 2 waterfalls, finishing at Belknap Hot Springs Lodge & Gardens. Monkey Face Half Marathon & 7M, staged at Smith Rock State Park, offers glorious views of central Oregon's high desert and highly technical terrain that challenges each participant to put for her/his best effort.

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